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Mexico: A lot safer than you may think!
11 May 11 10:52 AM | Anne Saillant | 0 Comments   
No doubt you've heard the negative media over the past year about Mexico. The tales of violence and danger all over Mexico. Well, is Mexico really so dangerous? Or, is Mexico possibly even safer than where you live? Recently, the well-respected news Read More...
Price Reduced on Playa Miramar Block 10, Lot 4, in Playa Miramar
09 May 11 03:25 PM | Anne Saillant | 0 Comments   
Playa Miramar, East Beach - Announcing a price reduction on Playa Miramar Block 10, Lot 4,, a single story. Now MLS® $249,000 - Suitably Priced. Property information Read More...
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