The State of Sonora, Mexico

The state of Sonora is located in the northwestern part of Mexico, just below the state of Arizona in the United States, constituting the second biggest state of Mexico and one of the most diverse.

The capital is Hermosillo; other important cities include Ciudad Obregón and Nogales.

Thanks to its unique location, Sonora is a unique and safe tourist destination. Discover its legendary cities, beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes where ocean meets desert and mountain.

For the adventurous traveler, there is much to see beyond Rocky Point. The capital city of Hermosillo is a cosmopolitan center with many things to do and see. Located at the center of the state, it provides  easy access to major tourist destinations such as  the peaceful beaches of Kino Bay, the archeological zone of “La Pintada,"  access to the Rio Sonora route, and to the colorful city of Alamos and the beach of San Carlos.

In Kino Bay, magnificent and beautiful beaches of fine white sand offer visitors a wonderful view where one can enjoy the unique Sonoran evenings, swimming, as well as scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, and fishing for marlin and sailfish.

Alamos is a beautiful old colonial silver mining town in the far southeast corner of Sonora. Dominated by a large cathedral looking over the center square, it is close to rivers and estuaries for bird watching. It is a day trip away from the famous Copper Canyon.