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Puerto Peñasco is a popular destination for tourists, particularly those that reside in the U.S. state of Arizona since it contains the nearest beaches. It is also a popular Spring Break destination with students from Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Puerto Peñasco is located in the 'free zone' where tourists are not required currently to obtain immigration papers in order to visit. However U.S. Border Patrol agents advise that as of June 2009 a passport will be required to re-enter the United States. [As of October 2008, U.S. citizens are required to show proof of citizenship (e.g., state issued photo ID and U.S. birth certificate).]

Puerto Peñasco is also slated for upcoming marina and other boat-related developments as part of the country's 'Escalera Nautica' efforts, which call for a chain of 'tourist-class' marinas sprinkled up and down the Baja coast in an effort to promote nautical tourism.

Puerto Peñasco has two main beach areas. To the west of the Old Port area, there is a wide, flat area known as Sandy Beach. This is the home to several large hotel/resorts, and more are under construction. East of Puerto Peñasco, there is a long coast with several areas, known in parts as La Mirador, Playa del Oro, Las Conchas, and Playa Encanto, an area of beachfront and near-beach condos, homes and timeshares.

  1. There is a statue of Benito Juarez in a plaza near the beaches.
  2. There are at least two SCUBA diving operations in Puerto Peñasco, although the waters near to shore tend to be quite shallow.
  3. The malecon in old Puerto
  4. Cholla Bay
  5. The CEDO Nature Center in Las Conchas
  6. The Playa Bonita
  7. The CET MAR aquarium.
  8. The golf courses
  9. The Pinacate Reserve
  10. The Baja Club


Puerto Penasco Iconic Places

View of Sandy Beach
Playa Bonita Beach
Playa Bonita Sunset
Aerial view of the harbor
Malecon Fundadores
Malecon Fundadores
Golf Courses
CEDO Intercultural at Las Conchas
The Pinacate Reserve Tours

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